9 Reasons Why You Should Buy Mobile Home

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  1. Own for Less Than You Rent.
    We sell mobile homes with lower monthly payments than your rent, 100% guaranteed. If we can not beat your rent price, we will give you $100 .
  2. Real Estate Property Tax
    You pay $0 for real estate property taxes annually. You do not pay any property taxes for a mobile home located in mobile home communities.
  3. You decide where to live.
    If you ever decide to relocate to another city or state? Not a problem, you can move  mobile home anywhere you like.
  4. Community Amenities and services
    In many communities some or all utilities are already included in your lot rent. Sometimes those utilities on rental properties run out over $100 per month. Also, many parks have amenities such as playground, pool, barbeque area and etc. that are included in lot rent.
  5. We approve you with any credit or no credit at all.
    Do you have a hard time getting approved for any kind of loan because of bad credit, bankruptcy or work loss? We do not check your credit or any other life related issues. If you have a decent income you are automatically approved. Income is all you need.
  6. Own your land.
    You can save money to buy land by saving money that you would of spent for rent. You can buy land and move the mobile home to your own piece of property and not pay for lot rent anymore.
  7. Low Cost, Same Function.
    Mobile homes well known for low cost maintenance as in comparison to a traditional home but it serves the same function.
  8. Emergency
    Are you in a financial crisis? Is there any personal or financial emergency in your life and you need a place to live? To buy a mobile home is the fastest , easiest and most likely the best solution to many life changing events. You can move in as soon as 5 days.
  9. Investment. Buy mobile home, improve it and resell it for profit.

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