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Few month ago I wrote about my passions and businesses in blog post Who am I and what is my purpose? . Over the same few month, I had internal fight between two thoughts. I should work on all my projects vs I should focus only on one. I did find solution to some of my project by finding the right and talented people to help me with some projects. However, my plate is till full.

Currently I have 4 blogs where I would love to post content on regular basis and I have 4 youtube channels as well where I would love to do it. I can do blog post and/or video every week and each week to post to different blog/youtube. However, it would be 1 content every 4 weeks. I spread myself too thin.

In addition to all my blogs, I have accountability partner Vira Sadlak from Travelization. We agreed to create one blog post per week and keep each other accountable. At first, I was planning to focus only on one blog (this one). The personal site. However, I realized that my main business Email Marketing NYC is lucking consistent content.

Here is what I decided to do.

Hold on. Before I tell you what I decided to do lets cover my websites, blogs and youtube channel so you can understand the load of work. By the way, my sister always

  1. Email Marketing NYC – this is the main business where I invest 80-90% of my time and I get 80% of my income from this business. I have blog which I need to keep fresh every week and youtube channel.

  2. Digital Consulting NYC – this is the secondary business where I have partner. However, my responsibility is to create content. I do not need to write here weekly but the content I create for this site needs to be in “guide” style. The average length 3,000 – 6,000 words.

  3. Immigrant Porada – this is my passion. This is the online platform for Ukrainian Immigrants. After writing 300+ blog posts on this site, I do not write here anymore often. However, I post an article here and there about our family trips.

  4. Also, I have few real estate website where I wrote blogs posts in the past. In addition, I have few blog post which I have to write since it will help other people and many people ask me for that information.

  5. – this is personal brand site. I know a brand lives in me and I want to develop it. However, I know everything can not be done in one day.

So what did I decide to do?

No matter where I write a blog post I would write a short summary on my personal brand website and add a link to the full blog post on the original site. It includes guest posts, Ukrainian posts, other businesses and etc. This way I have record of all my posts in one place.

What do you think about it?

Here why I decided to do it.

First of all, I want to see how much work I do. I do a lot but if you check each of those companies, there is not much there but if you combine all efforts it is a lot.

Second, we go through seasons in life. Today my main business Email Marketing NYC is important but it might change in few years. The great example is the real estate businesses. It was very important to me few years ago when it was only business I have. Today, I invest in real estate only passively.

Full disclosure. I am not 100% sure how it will affect SEO but it is not my main focus. The biggest goal of keeping everything in one place is for myself to see what I do in general and for my daughter and future kids to see what was in their father head many years ago 🙂 .

Oh, I was inspired to write it because my accountability partner wrote to me “Стаття кльова, але я думала, що ти планував свій власний сайт розвивати, нє? “ It means “The article is cool. However, I thought you want to develop your personal brand website”. It was her response when I sent hear an Ukrainian blog post.


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