How to Come Up with a Business Name and My Journey of Renaming My Company

In early 2017, when I started providing email marketing services, I did not expect to build an email marketing agency. I was freelancing without even knowing what freelancing was. But I knew one thing – I needed to come up with a business name to register a domain. I wanted to be professional with a website. So… […]

Small steps taken every day lead to great heights

I hated it. It was the last mountain I wanted to conquer. I didn’t sleep the second night, and I had nausea and a terrible headache. Why am I here? What is my WHY? What is the purpose of this trip? During that night, I convinced myself to go back down. Yes, I felt like […]

Are donations to Ukraine tax deductible?

As any CPA would tell you, the answer to the question of whether your donation is tax-deductible depends on how you make your donation. If you donate directly to a Ukrainian organization in Ukraine, your donation would not qualify for a tax deduction in the US. However, if you donate to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization […]

Marketing System / Plan

Received email from my friend with the following message: “I want to really expand my home sales program at my company. I realize I need a proper marketing system. And I realize I have no idea where to begin. I know there are several components: A website that is strategically designed An email marketing campaign (and ways to get […]