Taking action on things I learned from books, podcasts, and seminars

I remember one day I had a long drive with my sister from new your to Pensylvania. We have a business in Pennsylvania, and sometimes we need to go there together. So the conversation was about things we learned. My sister said something to me which stock in my head until this day. She said […]

All blog posts on one site

Few month ago I wrote about my passions and businesses in blog post Who am I and what is my purpose? . Over the same few month, I had internal fight between two thoughts. I should work on all my projects vs I should focus only on one. I did find solution to some of […]

Who am I and what is my purpose?

Who am I and what is my purpose on this earth? Sooner or later we ask these questions ourselves. Some of us ask this question not only once but many times during our entire life. I am one of those people. This post I write 90% for myself to figure out where I am and […]