How to make extra money?

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Majority of people in America in addition to their full time job are always looking or doing side jobs or even own their small business. Many people want to to make extra money but some do not know where to start or where to look. Here is list of advices that we usually give to our relatives, friends and customers:
  1. Create list of things that you are good at or can possibly do. Are fluent in English and some other language? Are you good with computers? Do you know how to install faucets? Do you know how to paint or clean? Just make a list. A lot of people might not have those skills but need it and have to hire someone else for some quick gig. Post advertisements on craigslist for what service can you provide or look at gigs section for quick gigs.
  2. If you do not want to work extra but still make want to money somehow then just make a list of all the things that you have and can rent to others. For example
    1. List your car for rent here
    2. List your bicycle for rent here
    3. List you ski and snowboard here
  3. Do you want to make money by buying and selling. Sign up and read this blog. Ryan is the great guy who inspired hundreds of people on how to make extra money.
  4. Looking for employer-employee type part time job. Look on craigslist for part time jobs.

If you have any other additional ideas or resources please leave comments. Let’s share them so everyone can benefit from it.


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