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We have visited almost all of the mobile home communities in Northeast and Southeast part of the Pennsylvania. At first, we had no idea what a challenge it would be to find some of the communities. We ¬†looked up for communities on many well known websites such aswww.mhvillage.comand got plenty of addresses from there. However, the problem is some of those communities do not exist anymore or if you enter an address on google maps or GPS it won’t take you to the right location. Unfortunately, not many websites have phone numbers for the communities so you can’t really call for directions either. Many phone numbers have been changed or disconnected.


Also, it seems as many websites with parks info databases show the same information. So we decided to make life easier for people looking for homes and communities to live in in the area.  So we will post an updated info for communities such as locations with directions, current street name and address, updated phone numbers and any other contact information that might be useful.


Please feel free to add comments with any suggestions or corrections under each community so we can continue updating the information. As time goes by things change and no company can really keep up with all of the changes and updates so help us provide others with correct info.

We will add details for one mobile home community every week. Stay up to date with us.


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