Taking action on things I learned from books, podcasts, and seminars

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I remember one day I had a long drive with my sister from new your to Pensylvania. We have a business in Pennsylvania, and sometimes we need to go there together. So the conversation was about things we learned. My sister said something to me which stock in my head until this day.

She said “Andriy, you consume a lot of information by reading many books (1-4 books per month), listening podcasts (5-10 per week) and attending seminars (1-4 per year), but it looks like you consumed the information and do not much with it”

It was hard to listen, but it was the truth. I act only on a small part of what I learned. There are a few reasons why.

First, I do it because sometimes, I do not need to implement something I learned now.

Second, I type A personality who desires more and more, so I rush to the next book or the next podcast episode.

The first thing is logical and makes sense. However, the second reason hurts me, and I am happy that my sister told me the truth.

From now on, I decided to summarize books I read in blog format. This way, I can go back at any time and review it when I need it.


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