Who am I and what is my purpose?

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Who am I and what is my purpose on this earth?

Sooner or later we ask these questions ourselves. Some of us ask this question not only once but many times during our entire life. I am one of those people. This post I write 90% for myself to figure out where I am and which direction I am going since and 10% for the readers. I hope it helps you with your own personal definition and personal journey.

In my personal life, I have a very clear definition. I am a husband and father. However, it is harder to define my professional calling. I do many things in different industries and most of the time I am afraid to talk about it to the new people I meet.


I do not want them to think that I am Jack of all trades and master or none. How would you combine “I am mobile home park investor” and “email marketer for e-commerce”?

In the last few months, I struggle big time to define myself in a professional world. Big thank to Andry Carter for his presentation during Jake and Gino multifamily event in Nashville and Chris Ducker for his book Rise of the Youpreneur. I realized that I need to develop my personal brand AndriyBoychuk.

I am Who I am.

I need to have business cards and direct people to this resource and after they land on the site it is up to them what they want to learn about.

So personal branding was big aha moment for me. I can post on AndriyBoychuk.com anything and everything i want. Why? Because I am
Who I am. So, I figured this part and it is done.

But the hardest part is still not defined. I have crystal clear picture for each of my business and I know what each business does so it is very important but I have a very hard time figuring out what should I do first. Where should I focus and etc?

Here is a list of businesses and what I own and run:

Email Marketing NYC is an email marketing agency for e-commerce. We help online store owners increase their revenue via email marketing. I generate close to 90% of my income from this business. It is very successful and I have a proven track record. I am very proficient in it and I enjoy helping businesses. There are three business models in this business.
– Business model #1. The business model here is 100% marketing agency model where we charge per project or per hour. I like to sell but there is no stable predictable business model. This month we have 5 clients and next month 1. I am always prospecting. Do I like it yes and not. But it is different story.
Business model #2. We have two info product. One klaviyo course where I teach people how to use klaviyo and another one is an email marketing strategy and how to implement it in klaviyo. I sell the course on udemy, there are many sales but my profit ia $2-5 per sale.
Business model #3. Recently, i added new service which called Klaviyo premium support. Klaviyo is the best email marketing software for e-commerce. However, there are few freelancers and agencies who help with klaviyo. And those freelancers and companies are in high demand and cost little bit of money. So we decided to model WPcurve business model and create subscription service where we charge one flat fee ($97) per month and do the unlimited number of tasks.

Digital Consulting NYC – this is a marketing agency as well. Here we help people to save time by helping them with marketing and sales automation.
Just to add some clarity. This was part of Email Marketing NYC before. We had all the services in one company. However, it would hard to define what we do and hard to market to the right prospect of our businesses. So we decided to split into two different companies.

This is relatively new Business. We have 3 business models here as well.

Business model #1. I am activecampaign reseller. We sell the subscription to our clients. From this, we have monthly recurring revenue. This is a very straight forward model and scalable. We already have 105 subscribers but I did not figure out until now the best way to sell the subscription. I guess Model #2 will help. But this is concept yet.

Business model #2 is to sell pre-built marketing and sale automation packages for specific businesses like real estate agents, moving companies, property management companies, and other service companies. I am 90% done with the real estate agent package and working with my life coach to do the package for property management companies.

There are no sales yet but each sale is for business model #2 will lead into sale 100% of business model #1 product and possibly business model #3. Honestly, I have a dilemma here I would like to focus only on the real estate industry but I am afraid to lose othe clients. It might be my limited believe.

Business model #3 the same as in the previous business email marketing NYC we provide unlimited monthly support to activecampaign users. It is a subscription service with unlimited number of task for $97 per month.

Immigrant Porada is an online portal for Ukrainian immigrants in the US. I plan to convert it into non for profit in 2019. I started this company in 2013. This company is the foundation of all my knowledge of email and marketing automation since I did a lot of it for this company. This company brings negative income since expenses much higher than income but this is my baby. I love to help people I love to share what I do. Yes from the business perspective it is stupid to lose money monthly for the past 5 years but I can not help mysels. I do not care I do it anyway. At this moment money is not important but time and attention is. If I start doing something for business i am gone for hours. I love to work on it but it distracts and removes me from other important projects. There is no clear business model and monetization strategies. However, I know I need a team for this business.

Mobile home park hub- this is website and resource where I share information about the mobile home park industry. It is not my experience but things which work. The whole goal of this site to educate, provide value, built authority and redirect potential investors to Horizontal Nyc.

Horizontal NYC is a mobile home park investing business. I find deals via this company and syndicate it.

Afford MH and Royal MH. Those are business which is almost done. They’re not much to do but still, it takes some of my time monthly. We decided to close those two businesses in near feature.

Bazamarket is e-commerce online store where I plan to sell European groceries. This is not an active project but I am very passionate about it and want to start this business.

What is next for each business and what do I want to do?

As you can see there a lot of businesses.

Lately, I hear compliments from others that I am such great persona and businessmen and I do so much.

But, am I? Do I do this right?

I love compliments and it is like fuel for me. However, I always ask
myself if this the best I can do and I compare myself with Steve Jobs and Elon Musk and others. My business looks so unreal and unperfect that sometimes I question myself and what I do.

So what is the ideal outcome for each business for me?

Email marketing NYC – I want to find a partner who has the same passion or even more for helping e-commerce make more money. This business is very heavy on the support part and takes only a few big companies per month for the strategy and implementation.

Digital consulting NYC – at this moment I want to develop this business and get traction. I want to develop a few packages for a few niches and focus on selling it. The package itself is the entry product. The real money is from continuation product. This business will allow me to be involved and connected in reeal estate community what i love and bring value from the marketing side.

Immigrant Porada – I wish to have more time for this but I do not have it. At this moment I want to convert to non for profit. I want to find a team of volunteer first make this company work and an an employee later. Ideally, I want to find CEO for this company and I want to be only ok the board of directors helping to make big decisions.

All mobile home park-related projects. I want to be more involved in it but everything looks too complicated and complex for me.

As you can see there is a lot of actions in my head but most of them end up as only stress. I am not clear how to figure this out.

One thing I 100% clear about is to develop my brand andriyboychuk.com I will direct traffic only to this site and then people can choose what they want to know about me. Also, I do need 7 different business cards. I can only one where it says Andriyboychuk..com without title and position. I am my own company and brand.


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