Why do people rent?

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People live in rentals usually because they believe they have no other choice. Others believe it is the cheapest form of living and easiest to obtain. Most of the people don’t really believe or think that they can buy and own. There are many reasons why many won’t even try to purchase a home. One of the reasons is banks will easily turn you down if you don’t have big down payment or your credit is not good enough or you are not making enough income. Also, some people think they just won’t be able to afford to own the home and assume it would cost them more.

How great would it be if you could pay the same amount you pay in rent for the same or even bigger size home and own it? Well, what If I told you that I know a great reputable company who will give you an opportunity to own a home with no APR’s , no interest rate, no hidden fees, no hassle, would you believe me? Well, you don’t have to believe me you can just pick up a phone on your own and take a chance or you can stay where you are.


The only downside of the company is that Afford MH is looking only for people who want to be homeowners, who want to come home to the place they call their own, who want to take care of their home, who want to have a place to pass down to their generations. Main of all we want people who understand the difference between wasting money on rent and investing in your home, therefore, saving money.


Afford MH  is one of a very few companies that provides affordable manufactured housing with affordable payments in Pennsylvania. You may wonder what’s affordable payment? We can either match your rent payment or give you lower monthly payment to own the home than you spend in rent. Your monthly payments will be in the same range that rentals go for the same size home in your area or less. The best part is you only make those  payments to us for about 2-5 years. After that you can enjoy your home free of any loan payments.


Back to the question why people rent, I believe there are two answers. One is they don’t want to own a home and second answer  is they don’t know about Afford MH.


Visit www.AffordMH.com or call 570 500 2538 for more information


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