Ukrainian Festival East Village

Every year we have Ukrainian Festival in Manhattan (East Village). It is the biggest Ukrainian event and Ukrainian immigrant tradition. This year it was the 43rd year were we have the event. And this year, I was part of the festival. I did volunteer for two organizations (Ukrainian Church and RAZOM). You can read the […]

Four Types Of Email Marketing Automation You Need To Have In Your Ecommerce Business

What did come first – chicken or the egg? The same question I ask my clients, when it comes to their online stores. And sometimes, they ask me before I ask them. Should we build the email marketing automation first or start driving the traffic? Read the full post …

How You Can Leverage 404 Page To Get More Email Subscribers

One of my clients asked me to add an opt-in form on their 404 page. It was a weird request. Why do you need an opt-in page on 404 page? Also, he asked me to create an automation (email sequence) to follow up with those customers. Until later, I did not realize how powerful and […]