How to Come Up with a Business Name and My Journey of Renaming My Company

In early 2017, when I started providing email marketing services, I did not expect to build an email marketing agency. I was freelancing without even knowing what freelancing was. But I knew one thing – I needed to come up with a business name to register a domain. I wanted to be professional with a website. So… […]

Small steps taken every day lead to great heights

I hated it. It was the last mountain I wanted to conquer. I didn’t sleep the second night, and I had nausea and a terrible headache. Why am I here? What is my WHY? What is the purpose of this trip? During that night, I convinced myself to go back down. Yes, I felt like […]

Are donations to Ukraine tax deductible?

As any CPA would tell you, the answer to the question of whether your donation is tax-deductible depends on how you make your donation. If you donate directly to a Ukrainian organization in Ukraine, your donation would not qualify for a tax deduction in the US. However, if you donate to a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization […]

Marketing System / Plan

Received email from my friend with the following message: “I want to really expand my home sales program at my company. I realize I need a proper marketing system. And I realize I have no idea where to begin. I know there are several components: A website that is strategically designed An email marketing campaign (and ways to get […]

Ukrainian Festival East Village

Every year we have Ukrainian Festival in Manhattan (East Village). It is the biggest Ukrainian event and Ukrainian immigrant tradition. This year it was the 43rd year were we have the event. And this year, I was part of the festival. I did volunteer for two organizations (Ukrainian Church and RAZOM). You can read the […]